Lady Oscar Movie


The Manga’s success inspired a movie recorded it the actual places under the direction of Jaques Démy, produced with japanese sponsors in 1978, spoken in English with subtitles in japanese, it never reached the success of the drawings. This was expected since they weren’t able to carry out the story-line, changing the ending in a […]


Takarazuka Kagekidan

The All-female Takarazuka Revue Company, has been offerinng delightful combination of song, dance and drama while performing both male and female roles in contemporary and traditional productions, and has in its history at The Rose of Versailles as the most memorable, great, famous and successful performance. Since the first performance of Versailles no Bara in […]

Lady Oscar Anime

Versailles no Bara

Versailles no Bara Animation The anime series known in the occident by the name of the Démy movie, Lady Oscar, but in Japan it kept the original manga name, with 40 episodes and an extra 41st episode with the feature character’s best scenes, was shown since October 10th 1979 and September of 1980, produced by […]

Manga Information

Manga Medium Old version

Versailles no Bara Manga Manga Information Since that glorius May 21th, 1972 when appeared for first time in the magazine Margaret weekly, till now are millions of copies that Versailles no Bara has sold around the world. 1. Atarashii unmei no uzu no naka ni In the Waves of New Destiny 2. Eikou no za […]