The development of this site about The Rose of Versailles was born more ten years ago, in this time we discover that the necessity was not of giving to know as much as we like or enjoy this story, but rather, to give the opportunity to enjoy the extensive world of works related to this Manga. It was in this point that we decide to organize the project oscar, whose purpose is to make a compilation about berubara for those fans from all over the world that love everything about berubara for almost 40 years.

Our site is open source to all Versailles no Bara fan who want to add information relate to berubara, Riyoko Ikeda, or french revolution.

LadyOscar.comĀ  is non-profit website created by Francia F. Riesco with the only purpuse to keep a place online to the Riyoko Ikeda’s Work The Rose of Versailles.

To Caterina Cantone and her memory. God bless her RIP