Takarazuka KagekidanThe All-female Takarazuka Revue Company, has been offerinng delightful combination of song, dance and drama while performing both male and female roles in contemporary and traditional productions, and has in its history at The Rose of Versailles as the most memorable, great, famous and successful performance.
Since the first performance of Versailles no Bara in September of 1974 its audiences has exceeded 3,000,000 people.
The five troupes, Moon, Flower, Snow, Star and Cosmos have performanced it.
There are several reason for The Rose of Versailles success in Takarazuka, but the most outstanding facts is that Oscar, represent and erect as example or life’s style of an otoko yaku, actress that perform male in the Takarazuka theater.
This 2001, Cosmos and Star Troupe have made to bloom again the roses in Takarazuka, with the most detailed, dramatically believable BeruBara Takarazuka, a luxury for Takarazuka and Versailles no Bara fans.

Takrazuka 2001 Grand Romance Rose of Versailles