Oscar/CatrionaThe Manga’s success inspired a movie recorded it the actual places under the direction of Jaques Démy, produced with japanese sponsors in 1978, spoken in English with subtitles in japanese, it never reached the success of the drawings. This was expected since they weren’t able to carry out the story-line, changing the ending in a sad way.

  • Kitty Production
  • Director: Jacques Demy.
  • Based on “Rose of Versailles” by Riyoko Ikeda.
  • Screamplay and dialogue: Patricia Lousiana Knop.
  • Music compossed and orchestrated: Michael Legrand.
  • Director of photography: Jean Penzer.
  • Art director: Bernard Evein.
  • Costume designer: Jacqueline Moreau.
  • Sound engineer: Anthony Jackson.
  • Editor: Paul Davies.
  • Productor manager: Alain Coiffier.

This film had been shot on location at Versailles, Jossigy and Aenlis, France.