Versailles no Bara Animation
Versailles no Bara The anime series known in the occident by the name of the Démy movie, Lady Oscar, but in Japan it kept the original manga name, with 40 episodes and an extra 41st episode with the feature character’s best scenes, was shown since October 10th 1979 and September of 1980, produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS ) and broadcasted by Nihon Televison (NTV) .
TMS one of the biggest anime production companies, known for titles like:Treasure Island; Super Agent Cobra; Remy; Magic Knight Rayearth; Lupin The Third; Ghost in the Shell; and huge list of world widely known series. They, after convince to Riyoko Ikeda, of allowing them to make the animated version of The Rose of Versailles, recruited a great staff, for the realization of this important project, maintaining faithfulness to the manga; exist differences, some scenes that in the anime are abrupt in the manga are sometimes extensive, if you haven’t seen the manga yet you can still be surprised by the story. The anime counts with a soundtrack that takes us back to the wondrous years of the splendid Rococo art form; violins, flutes, guitars and pianos; the background music that fills the scenes take us to the most highlighted events of the series.

Grupo As for character design they kept loyal to Riyoko Ikeda‘s work, only adding more detail and color to the clothing and splendor of Versailles; the camera angles, the sudden breezes and the voices of the seiyus made Berusaiyu no Bara a classic when it was shown from Asia through Europe, fascinating even the French.
In the year 1990 a film called Love till the End was released. In this film the anime series was condensed into 90 min. upsetting japanese fans with the fact that only one of the original Seiyuu worked in this production.